Xosé Artiaga

Knowledge of eternities. The last dance

I guess it had to be that way. Each one of us has a star to follow: Go away; I don’t want to see you anymore, I just want to hear about you.

Winds of resignation and eternity. A matter of space and time: the Here and the Now.

The guiding star in front fades. A huge emptiness behind. The rain on the skin reminds you that you are still alive. In the Here a breath of the I is reflected in the sea of Compostela. And in the Now a sigh of air maintains the destiny and a count of pending issues.

A specialist in eternities to solve the special noise of immediacies, of real time and also of delays. You leave the anguish and you arrive at the Bordat Situation.

I start the journey to the place where the last dance begins.

Do you dance?