ART for the ANIMALS 2019

Laying the foundations for the work of attention to the animal in need, the FUNDACIÓN ARTIAGA creates the exhibition event ART for the ANIMALS, calling on artists, sensitive with the animal world that want to show solidarity with the initiative to help animals in need, promoted through the AAN Program.

ART for the ANIMALS will have an itinerant character touring different cities of Galicia and the opening ceremony will probably take place in spring 2019. The artists will be able to participate with one or several works and host an animal of the Foundation. For this, they should contact the Fundación Artiaga by email

The artistic work will be carried out without any profit: Whoever welcomes one of the animals coming from neglect and abuse and which the Foundation has received under its protectorate, may be part of the cast of artists of the ART for the ANIMALS project.

Registration form

In order to participate in ART for the ANIMALS 2019 you must fill out the following registration form and send it, together with the required documentation for your registration to:


Rules: ART for the ANIMALS 2019

• All artists who wish to join the Foundation’s solidarity purpose will be able to participate in the exhibition.

• Taking into account the solidary nature of the act in favor of the animals in need of attention, each participant artist will host an animal from the Fundación Artiaga, having to meet the proper conditions for the hosting and therefore formalizing a contract with the aim of protecting and sheltering the animal.

• With the works of the participating artists, an itinerant exhibition will be held in different cities of Galicia, with the opening ceremony scheduled for spring 2019. Due to the different configuration and capacity of the spaces, each exhibition will be designed according to a better representation of the exposed work.

• Due to the different configuration and capacity of the exhibition spaces, each exhibition will be designed according to enable a better representation of the work exhibited.

• The subject of the works will be free. The accepted artistic modalities will be painting, sculpture and photography. The works must necessarily be original.

• Each solidary participant may submit up to a maximum of three works that must be duly identified accompanied by their technical datasheet. The application for registration will be made by submitting the technical datasheet and sending a high quality photograph of the work by email to:

• The edition of a catalog of the exhibition is foreseen, assigning a double page to each participant artist, with his personal photograph, photography of the work and photography of the animal received.

• The works will be delivered personally or by registered mail or courier service until March 31, 2019 at: Avenida Rosalía de Castro, 140. C.P 36610. Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra). The costs of delivery of the works will be borne by each artist. It is recommended that the works sent by mail or courier service shall be properly insured, since the organization will not be able to bear any costs of compensation for the loss or deterioration of the works occurred during the shipping process.

• Your participation will be confirmed by the email address provided in the registration.

• Each participant will receive 5 catalogs. Logistics, printing, assembly and publication expenses will be borne by the Foundation.

• The submitted works will be removed by the artists themselves at the end of the itinerancy of the exhibition.

• The participation in this exhibition implies the implicit and explicit acceptance of these rules.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE WORKS. The authors or collectors will exclusively transfer the exploitation rights of their works without any temporal or territorial limitation. These may be reproduced, published, disseminated, and used in the way, procedure or manner that the Foundation deems most appropriate at any time and without earning any kind of right, payment, retribution and/or consideration to the author of the work. Evidently all this taking into account that it will be exclusively for the solidary purpose for which the works were presented.

With the participation in this event, all the authors of the submitted works respond under their sole and exclusive responsibility on the authorship and their authenticity, exempting themselves and excluding the Fundación Artiaga from any kind of extrajudicial or judicial action that third parties may exercise regarding any liability in which the participating authors could incur for other issues that are mentioned with a non-exclusive or excluding character, plagiarism, and/or misappropriation, etc.


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